What You Can Do Now For Puerto Rico

The outpouring of support from our past and future guests have been amazing.  We have put some thought into how best to channel your enthusiasm and talent into best helping the people of Puerto Rico.  We have come up with the following:

  1. Donate.  For all those that would like to help but cannot come to Puerto Rico to do so in person, please consider giving to a reputable fund.  We have one set up at https://youcaring.com/hurricanemaria  We use these funds to buy supplies to distribute in areas of Puerto Rico that need assistance.  We have also set up a wishlist on Amazon “Stand with Puerto Rico” that you can find items on the list to buy and send directly to us for further distribution.  There are many other funds…for example, Ricky Martin has a fund and he and his team are very active and organized.  His fund is https://youcaring.com/peopleofpuertorico  In any case, private assistance is needed, both health-wise and to help people get back on their feet.  The government effort is helping, but it is not enough.  Puerto Rico needs your help and those of private corporations.
    before and after flooding

    It has been weeks since the flooding has subsided. Puerto Rico is rebuilding.

    car under water

    This was one week after Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

  2. Use the luggage space.  For those that are coming to Puerto Rico in the near future, if you have any space in your luggage, consider bringing some items that could be helpful to
    clorox wipes cleaning product

    Cleaning products can help keep disease and contamination down

    those in need.   Items can be found on our Amazon wish list, but not limited to this…solar chargers, phone chargers, water filters, water purification tablets, feminine hygiene items, medical kits, hand sanitizer, sanitary wipes are some ideas.

  3. “Voluntourism”.  During your time in Puerto Rico, if you would like to buy supplies and leave them for us to distribute, or to come with us or others for distribution, we can help organize this.  Tony Gonzalez is our point of contact to help decide where your talents can best be utilised.  You can email him directly at gonzalez.mhs@gmail.com or text at 512-595-1802.  He also frequently works with the Ricky Martin foundation so there will be several possibilities.  Please let him know if you have any particular experience, strengths or talents, such as medicine, construction, language etc.
  4. Vacation.  Last but definitely not least, Come visit and spend time in Puerto Rico.  As a tourist, you are helping Puerto Rico recover by helping the local restaurants, Ubers, hotels, and all those that work in the tourism industry.  As a vacation destination, Puerto Rico was purposely kept on the CNN Travel top places to visit in 2018, even after Hurricane Maria.  Even for a short vacation, this is the time to Stand with Puerto Rico and enjoy the beaches, the food, and the people.

    Ocean Park Beach

    This is Ocean Park beach post Hurricane Maria. A beautiful time to visit.

  5. Your ideas are welcome!  Finally, this is not an exhausted list…If you have other ideas or want to help in a particular way, post here or text Tony directly.  For many in Puerto Rico, this will be many, many months of recovery and your help is essential.   In the immediacy, there are lives at stake as without running water, basic health issues have escalated sometimes into life-threatening issues.
    Feel free to post your ideas.  Share this post.  And do not hesitate to email either Tony at gonzalez.mhs@gmail.com or Rob at coquidelmar@gmail.com