How to Make the best Piña Colada in 5 Minutes Flat

So you want to make the best piña colada? You’ll be happy to know that you can make an entire pitcher in about 5-minutes flat. And you’ll learn some of the history of the drink as well. In Spanish, Pina Colada means literally, Strained Pineapple.  The Piña Colada is THE national drink of Puerto Rico.  

Pina Colada

While there are a few versions of when and who invented the Piña Colada, there is no question that it is born and raised in Puerto Rico.  This was possible because a professor, Don Lopez, discovered a way to extract the cream from the heart of a coconut, hence inventing Crema de Coco (Cream of Coconut) in Puerto Rico in 1948.

Soon, people started to experiment with this to make up some new drink concoctions.  And voila, soon after, the Piña Colada was born.

Who Invented the Piña Colada?

The two most contested creators of the Piña Colada are a bartender at the Caribe Hilton, Ramon “Monchito” Marrero, in 1954 and Ramon Mingot, a bartender at Barrachina in Old San Juan (which claims to be the birth place in 1963, complete with a plaque on the wall).  

But stateside, the USA really discovered this drink thanks to the number one hit song, « Escape », AKA, the Piña Colada song.  By the time you listen to the complete song, you should have completed making your first pitcher of Piña coladas!

How to Make the best Piña Colada in  5 Minutes Flat
The best piña colada is easy to make with this guide and the right ingredients.

The piña colada is super easy to make.  While there are many current-day versions, we prefer our own.  Our criteria of what makes the best piña colada are:

1) it must be easy to make. You do not want to spend your day making this drink. You want to be relaxing by a pool, enjoying it!

2) The ingredients must store well. If you have to go grocery shopping every time you want a piña colada, what’s the point?

3) And of course, it has to taste better than any other. We think you will agree

mistakes with piña coladas
The wrong ingredients can ensure that you will not succeed in making a good piña colada

Don’t make this common Piña Colada mistake.

We suggest that you Do not make the common mistake of using a pre-made mix. There are only 4 ingredients in a piña colada. There is really no reason to use a mix. Your fresh version will be SO much better, and healthier (no corn syrup, artificial colors or fillers).

Coconut Milk or Coconut Cream?

Another mistake frequently made with the piña colada is using coconut milk. While this is easy to find in the grocery store, it is not part of a piña colada. You need to use coconut cream. It is much thicker and sweeter than coconut milk and you can not substitute one for the other.

So how do you make the best piña colada in 5 minutes?

4 Ingredients : (this makes 4 drinks) (must have a blender)

  • 3 cups frozen pineapple chunks
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup ice
  • ½ cup cream of coconut
  • 1 cup rum (we prefer Don Q)
  • OPTIONAL: maraschino cherries or a pineapple wedge

To make the best Piña Colada in 5 minutes :

Take the first 5 ingredients and place them in a blender on high.  The drink should not be too thick to drink, but not be too thin – it should just keep its shape when poured.  If too thick, add more rum or water and remix.  If too thin, add more ice or a bit more frozen pineapple.  Garnish with a pineapple wedge or maraschino cherries.  And of course, a drink umbrella.

Atelier for Piña coladas
If you like piña coladas, then either watch our video or come see live at our guest house

This is our favorite version, and so simple! Try it and tell us if this is the best piña colada you have tasted.

Did it take you 5 minutes? Let us know in the comments section.

One thing you will notice is that your drink is actually yellow (pineapple color) instead of the white color of most mixes. 

It’s also super easy to keep frozen pineapple in the freezer, and the other ingredients can be stored for months. 

Additionally, if you do not have pineapple but you have another frozen fruit, feel free to get creative!  Mango colada?  Berry colada?  Or add some fresh fruit to the mix (adding banana to the piña colada is one of our favorite versions). 

Finally, skip the rum and drink this as a morning breakfast shake!  The possibilities are endless. 🙂

Make sure to check our calendar and book with us if you would like to take a class on-site and learn how to make the best piña colada in 5 minutes with us live.

Fun Facts about Making the Perfect Piña Colada 

  • Using fresh pineapple will result in way too much fiber in the drink to enjoy it.  If you use fresh pineapple, you must cut it and freeze it overnight first.
  • Each pineapple takes about 2 years to produce, and is related to the Orchid family.
  • July 10th is National Pina Colada Day (celebrated in the states and of course, in Puerto Rico) and is THE national drink of Puerto Rico.
  • A shot of rum on the top of your drink is known as a “floater” and will give it a little extra kick.  Use a dark rum and stir it slightly to make it beautiful.