volcano vaporizer 420 friendly hotel with fresh bud

Coqui del Mar is the ONLY 420 Marijuana Friendly GAY Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

  • We can help you get your medical marijuana card
  • Marijuana Dispensaries are within walking distance
  • Designated outdoor enjoyment areas
  • Apartment like stay with full kitchens (great for late night snacks)
  • We have a Volcano Vaporizer that we love to break out.
  • So much more: clothing optional, walk to beach, enjoy our two pools and jacuzzi, ROKU TV, take the free bicycles, beach chairs, free coffee, on-site exclusive classes and so much more

Puerto Rico offers reciprocation with all other states as long as you hold a government issued medical marijuana card.  Get your medical marijuana license on line before you even visit (this takes typically 24-48 hours, and they email you the license) – so go online now and get it done so that you will be set to enjoy your vacation as you like.

This is the step by step process to get your license:

  1.  Click here to get your legal weed license (you must be 21 or older and have a medical need).
  2.  Scroll to the bottom of Island Med PR website to where it mentions CONTACT US (in the footer).  Just above that is VISITING TOURISTS.  Click on this.
  3. Fill out their form.  Add in the comments what dates you will be visiting to and from.
  4. If you are in a rush to get the license (ie, you’re already in Puerto Rico) then go ahead and immediately call them at 787-296-9450 as well and let them know that you just completed the form and that you are patiently waiting.  They will expedite you.  I have seen people get their card in as little as 2 hours.

    TIPS: 1) If you are a planner, you can only have the interview for the license up to 30 days prior to your visit.  You can fill out their form, but you will not receive a call back until 30 days before your visit.  If you have not received a call the week prior to your visit, call them. 2) You can get the visiting tourists medical card for 5 days or 30 days.  5 days is sufficient for most people no matter how long you are staying, as each day you can buy a maximum of 28 grams.  3) Your first visit at BWell you will have 25% off the total order.  So make your big purchase up front.  4) Dispensaries are cash only.  There is typically an ATM machine colocated, but in case, bring cash. 5) Papers can be purchased at any gas station.  Pipes etc can be purchased at shops such as Condom World.  

BWell is the closest dispensary to our 420 marijuana Friendly gay hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The dispensary offers daily deals, so check out their website before your visit.  They also feature 3 species of marijuana products: SATIVA (more energy), HYBRID (a mix) and INDICA (more relax), with oils, buds and edibles.

You can purchase a variety of flowers, such as Bubble Gum and Matador.  They also sell a variety of oils for vaping, such as Pineapple Express or Blue Glue.  Edibles are also legal in Puerto Rico and at BWell they offer gummies of Mango, coconut, and a variety of tropical style cookies.  They also sell VAPE pens and grinders.  (Or just bring one with you).  Rolling papers are sold at most gas stations.

You should not travel on a plane from another state to Puerto Rico with marijuana products as interstate commerce is still illegal.

At the dispensary you can purchase VAPE Pens but you must have a license to go inside the dispensary.  

Since Coqui del Mar Guest House is the only 420 marijuana Friendly gay hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico, you can feel free to enjoy the products in designated areas outdoors.  If vaping, indoors is fine as well.  

And if you do get get the munchies, no problem…just visit our selected restaurants or order from the local delivery service “Dame Un Bite” (download from iTunes) (more selection than Uber Eats).  And yes, they do deliver Alcohol!  (must be 18 or over of course).  Or use the alcohol delivery service ronponpr.com

Get your Medical Marijuana license for Puerto Rico before you arrive! Stay at the only 420 friendly gay hotel.

You can easily obtain your medical marijuana card on line before your travels.  It can be completed and Emailed to you within as little as 24-48 hours.  Do it today so that you will be set to enjoy your vacation as you wish.

The GAYEST guest house in the Caribbean

Our guesthouse is clothing optional

Take a shower under the stars

Ocean Park beach just 2 minutes walk away

Gay friendly beach - Be Free to be You!