Enjoy a gay rainforest tour in El Yunque

El going to El Yunque rain forest, you’ll want to go with our gay certified tours.  Why risk going on a straight tour and getting stuck with a conservative family that might prefer to judge than to enjoy?  The rainforest   is almost 29,000 acres of wilderness and the only tropical rain forest in the US National Park System.  The park opens at 730am daily, with the welcome center open at 9am.  Currently with COVID restrictions you must have a reservation to visit the park.

If visiting El Yunque, we recommend going early.  This avoids the crowds and its less likely to rain in the morning typically.  (If it is raining, its best to postpone your trip, as the trails will be too slippery).  El Yunque offers groomed trails leading to La Mina waterfall,  and hiking trails for all levels.  You can find a list of the trails, and descriptions here.

We recommend ideally getting there at 8am (about 45 minutes drive from our location).  Visit La Mina trail first as its the most popular and later in the day will be full of hikers.  Feel free to dip into the waterfall.  Later, visit the welcome center.  The most interesting thing is the 20 minute movie, narrated by Benicio del Torro.  It alternates from Spanish to English versions, so go to the theater upon arrival to the El Portal visitor center (welcome center) to see when the next version that you would like to see starts.  The El Portal can also be rented for your destination wedding!  To ensure the park is open, its always best to check the National Park System website   

A variety of other hikes can be found at Puerto Rico Day Trips website.  We recommend using this website for up to date info on tours in general and things to do in Puerto Rico.


While El Yunque forest is beautiful and great to visit, there are so many other options as well.  The El Yunque National Rain Forest covers only a small amount of the actual rain forest in Puerto Rico.   The majority of rain forest in Puerto Rico is on private land.  These other areas are great for the more adventurous, and typically much less crowded.  The trails are less groomed and the hiking is a bit more advanced.  My favorite currently is El Hippie.  I do recommend going there with a guide.  And as chance has it, we coordinate with a certified guide to provide transportation, drinks and snacks to go here, then followed up by a trip to a nudist beach.  It’s THE gay rain forest tour in Puerto Rico.  You can book this directly on our website, whether you stay with us or not (our guests do enjoy a discount).  No reservation?  No worries.

This is a full day trip, going from 9.30am to about 5pm.  You’ll be ready for a soak in our hot tub upon return to the hotel, and even if you’re not staying with us, you can enjoy some times with your new friends from the day’s trip.

You've never showered under a waterfall? Now is the time.


Ocean Park beach, just 2 minutes walk from Coqui del Mar