Are you in need of Airbnb Vacation Property Management?  

Want to enjoy the benefits of vacation property ownership without the headaches?  

Coqui del Mar offers full-service Airbnb vacation property management with 80% direct bookings (saving you the Airbnb and 3rd party fees).  We are now accepting limited opportunities for high-end properties that would be a good fit for our gay focused guest experience.  Coqui del Mar is an Adults only guesthouse in Ocean Park (Ultimo Trolley) pgeared to the LGBTQ traveler, but open to all.  We see high demand for the gay travel experience and are looking for additional select properties that would fit our clientele.  Your guests would stay at your home, but have access to our pools, breakfast, and gay tours along with other amenities.

  1. We provide all services, from check in to check out.  You sit back and collect the check and read the positive reviews.
  2. Let us continually maintain and improve your property.  We use our extensive list of professionals to service your property and ensure it attracts high paying guests.
  3. Our team takes care of all pre-arrival questions.
  4. We can handle unruly guests and ensure house rules are followed.
  5. Your clients can pay via all methods of payment.
  6. We are the highest rated on Google for hotels, Inns, Guesthouses or like properties in San Juan.
  7. We do extensive advertising and have extensive word of mouth 
  8. We support the local community in many ways.
  9. Our employees are paid a fair wage (starting at $15 an hour).
  10. Your neighbor’s experience is important to us: we work hard to ensure they view your property as a positive to the neighborhood.  
  11. We have successfully navigated hurricanes, pandemics, and earthquakes, always staying open and always keeping money coming in.
  12. Your guests have access to our amenities and customer service , including stellar, bilingual on-site management and gay tours that leave from  our guesthouse.

If you’re looking for Airbnb vacation property management and would like to optimize your Airbnb vacation rental and provide guests with our best-in-Puerto Rico gay vacation experience, we’d love to talk with you.

Contact Rob Villacres and Vianney Le Parquic at