USEFUL INFORMATION concerning Hurricane Maria

Here are several links of some useful information for those currently in Puerto Rico, or those that are in touch with those within Puerto Rico.

FEMA Disaster Relief application should be applied for within max of 60 days from Hurricane Maria (September 17th, so November 15th cutoff).

FOR THOSE IN PUERTO RICO in the Ocean Park/Santurce

Hurricane Maria is the most destructive storm in US history.

area: one restaurant on Calle Loiza is now open and serving…Cafeteria Quisqueya 787-268-2030 1918 Calle Loiza. It is surrounded by water but if you can get there, they are open.

SUPERMAX on Calle Diego is open and has food!  It is difficult to arrive due to flooding.

I will be adding more links here in the future.