Other tours

Here is a selection of other tours, mostly in the San Juan area. These tours are run by reputable third-party operators. 

Power snorkel along a tropical reef in Old San Juan!

This Power Snorkel Adventure takes place on a tropical reef featuring blue tang (the Dory fish!), parrot fish, rabbit fish, angel fish, and sergeant major fish. But with these Sublue White Shark Pro water scooters, you’ll feel like the coolest thing on the reef. And your certified instructor will not only point out the cool marine life but also teach you some awesome tricks that she’ll then capture on video for you!

You’ll walk in to tranquil seas together from a tropical beach in Old San Juan with soft sand and palm trees. Then, you’ll power snorkel along a tropical reef and learn some awesome tricks (dive, flip, spin, and zoom!) with our awesome diver propulsion vehicles while capturing the experience on a GoPro video (media is complimentary)! No experience or skill necessary.

Shallow Dive Cove

Located in the heart of San Juan, SNUBA is offered daily out of the Caribe Hilton hotel. The hotel offers a wonderful shallow dive cove which is perfect for SNUBA. The entire activity departs from the beach of the hotel. (No boat is utilized to move to another location)
The area is full of fish and other marine creatures as well.

The activity includes towels, complimentary bottle of water and the use of the facilities while on the tour. Clients also get 15% off to be used at the Hilton restaurant “Bagua” on food and beverages.


Sea Trek

Like in SNUBA, Sea Trek participants have the opportunity to explore the underwater universe but by different means. In Sea trek, participants have the chance to become underwater astronauts thru the use of a helmet that allows underwater walking.The Sea Trek helmet safely delivers air to our participants allowing them to walk freely underneath the waves. It’s the closest sensation to walking on the moon. Any one above 8 years old and weighing more than 80 lbs can participate in Sea Trek, regardless of swimming ability in the water.


Agricultural experience food tour

Pamper your senses tasting new flavors and enjoying new experiences with our guided tour. Experience the farmer life; natural, healthy, full of flavors and breath the pure air in this country scenery surrounded by the town of Manati Karsts Region.

This tour offers you a sensorial experience; touch, smell, see, taste, hear and breathe to give you the opportunity to try new herbs, leaves and edible flowers and even harvest your own salad. Feed, enjoy and care our farm animals. Feeding the farm animals is a fantastic connection for our guest (children and adults) and the animal.

We partner with our farmers who care more about the quality of their harvest. Cultivating relationships from the farm to the table also means that we care about what we eat.
Fulfill your culinary experience with us.

Old San Juan & Bacardi Tour

A sightseeing combo, the tour of the Old San Juan and the Bacardi Factory. Be ready to experience an incredible journey into Puerto Rican architecture and the history of the rum industry. Travel back in time to discover one of the world’s best-preserved Spanish colonial cities which has remained intact for the past 500 years seeped with a fascinating history, culture and our Spanish heritage.

Travel back in time by walking through Fort San Cristobal and the grounds of Fort San Felipe Del Morro (the oldest structure within the US National Parks). Learn the history of the largest fortification built by the Spanish in the New World and how these forts defended the entrance of the San Juan Bay from land attacks by the Dutch, English, pirates and new colonial states.

In Old San Juan you will visit the capitol building, the San Juan Cathedral, plazas, churches, cemetery, hotels, restaurants, museums and shopping areas. The visit to the Bacardi Factory (known as the rum cathedral) defines why Puerto Rico is called the Rum Capital of the World. You will enjoy a guided tour of the grounds and the Bacardi plant which is considered the world’s largest rum distillery, processing over 10,000 gallons daily. Learn all about the interesting rum making process.