Hurricane Conditions –

For updates on potential Hurricane conditions or any other weather system in the Caribbean, please see  This is also a helpful site for Puerto Rico during emergency conditions:  Coqui del Mar Guest House is Hurricane Ready.  We have already had a category 5 hurricane pass directly over us in 2005 with minimal damages.  Even if the San Juan area loses electricty during a storm, we have a full house generator.  You will have internet, cable and air conditioning.  In fact, besides the outside weather, you will not really know that there is a hurricane going on. Our guest house is made of concrete block.  With poured cement.  Basically, a bomb shelter.  We are the perfect place to weather out a hurricane. A few practical tips Prior to a hurricane:
  1. make sure that you either turn in your rental car, or that you have complete insurance coverage.  Fill up your gas tank early as gas lines will be long.
  2. We offer trip insurance.  This is the best way to have a full reimbursement due to unforeseen circumstances.
  3. Call your airlines and see what they offer as options for you.
  4. During a hurricane, stay indoors.  And after the hurricane, wait until you hear from authorities.  The most dangerous time of a hurricane is actually after a hurricane has passed, while electrical wires may be exposed or other dangerous objects exist within the public space.
  5. San Juan could lose water services during a storm.  Fortunately, we have a cistern with 1800 gallons of water on reserve.  This will be used very quickly if guests do not make extreme efforts to conserve water.
  6. We do sell trip insurance.  This covers you 100% for last minute cancellations in case of hurricanes, air travel changes, depressed pets, or any other reason for cancellation up to 24 hours before arrival with 100% refund (besides the trip insurance fee of 5%)
  7. Download our hurricane guide.

Download PDF Hurricane Guide for Puerto Rico