Welcome and Bienvenidos to our Eco Friendly Puerto Rico Guest house

Welcome to Coqui del Mar. All the convenience of home for less than the price at a hotel! The Coqui is a small frog native to Puerto Rico. It has been exported to zoos outside of Puerto Rico, but never lives. Legend has it that the coqui loves Puerto Rico so much that it just can't bear to leave it. You may feel the same after your stay here. You will hear the song of the Coqui nightly thoughout the island, though you are unlikely to actually see the frog.

While you are a guest at Coqui del Mar, we believe we are guests on this earth and strive to maintain an eco-friendly guest house. We offer recycling, utilize solar hot water heating, use a cistern to collect rainwater for out door watering, supplement room air conditioners with ceiling fans, and utilize green friendly cleaning products when possible. You will not find disposable mini soaps and shampoos with us...we provide this via larger in shower dispenser and avoid the plastic bottle trash. We are open to suggestions of how to reduce our impact on planet earth, and hope that you as our guests will do your part as well. We strive to maintain a green friendly guest house for your vacation.

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